Good Day, Flairs Family,

We hope you are all in good health and learning to cope with the new normal. We trust that the Level 3 lockdown has been a relief on some more families with regards to more resumption of work.

Thank you very much for your support during this uncertain time; SAGF has been given the go-ahead from the Department of Sport to resume trading and SAGF has provided Flairs with our compliance certificates.

Upon re-opening, we will have strict hygiene measures in place and we will limit our classes strictly to the maximum number of people we are allowed in the hall in accordance with the risk-adjusted approach from SAGF and the Department of Sport, Arts & Culture. For our Tiny Tiger and Baby Bear classes, it will be run as a parent-child class, each class will be limited to less parent-child units to take into account the additional parents.

We will reopen for Term 3 on Saturday the 4th of July at our Claremont branch and  Plumstead branches.

Any member from any branch is welcome to attend classes at either Claremont (39 Cook Road @ Claremont Baptist Church) or Plumstead (corner of Churchill and Attlee Roads @ Naruna Scout Hall) until we can reopen at your usual branch.

We completely understand that many of you may not feel comfortable enough to return to face to face classes, thus we will continue with our Zoom option.

We will open a Zoom class on Saturday mornings so that your kids can tune in and be a part of the class even if they are not physically at the gym.

4-5 year olds : 09h00-09h30 R350 per term

6-8 year olds; 09h45-10h15 R400 per term

9+ year olds: 10h30-11h00 R450 per term

Ninja for all ages: 11h15-11h45 (included with zoom fee for age group)

Please see below for the updated calendar:

‘Make-up’ weeks are allocated for those who may have missed a lesson because they needed to self-isolate at any point during the term.

Term 3:                 Saturday 4 July – Friday 11 September (10 weeks)

Make-up weeks: Saturday 12 September – Friday 25 September

Term 4:                 Saturday 3 October – Friday 4 December (9 weeks)

Make-up week:   Saturday 5 December – Saturday 12 December

Every gymnast or ninja that returns for face-to-face lessons will be gifted with a skipping rope which they should bring with them to class for their lessons. 

Lastly, we are aware that these are very stressful times and that children will be returning to school as well. We do want to take this opportunity to highlight the benefits of gymnastics for child development, most especially coming out of this lockdown period. A sports physiologist reported that the extended lockdown has impacted the ability of gymnastics participants to achieve and maintain recommended guidelines of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. Aerobic fitness, muscular power, and muscular strength are all important components to gymnastics training and may be beneficial in its potential to contribute to the development, regulation, and maintenance of the immune, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and can thus assist in strengthening the body’s overall immune response.

Further, gymnastics teaches a child their fundamental movement which is essential in the holistic development of a child. It assists in school readiness and assists in the development of the child’s brain for the benefit of socio-organizational skills, sensory processing, postural control, and bilateral integration of body awareness.

The Dominant Movement Patterns incorporating the ABCs of Agility, Balance, and Coordination are the foundation required for Foundation phase learners to keep up with the intense academic demands of literacy, numeracy, processing, and mental capacity. Gymnastics as a fundamental movement is not only the Mother of all Sports but is the best foundation of a holistic child’s development.

We are further encouraged by the statistics regarding the level of risk in children, especially below the age of 10, which is the majority of our Flairs gymnasts and ninjas. Lastly, we are aware of gymnastics classes that have already resumed in some school environments around the country with great success. These schools have specifically chosen to do gymnastics due to the physical and mental benefits of the sport for a child.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you face to face!

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Anne Vermaak & Sadicka Isaacs


We are so thrilled with our Ninja classes at our Claremont venue on a Thursday & Saturday, they are so much fun and we have ninja’s taking part from as young as 18 months.

NinjaZone is a fusion of obstacle training gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement – turning energy into ambition one awesome kid at a time. The ninjas come dressed in their uniform and besides all the awesome skills they learn they also learn the Ninja creed for the week that covers topics like “use proper manners at home and in public”, “work hard in everything I do” and “use my ninja powers only for goof and helpful purposes” to name a few. It is a wonderful class where the ninjas never stop moving.

Watch this video to learn more about this exciting program and join us for a free trial lesson:

Below please find important dates for the 2020 year:

4 JulyGym Opens For Term 3 – All branches
25 JulyTerm 3 Fees Due
10 AugustClosed For Women’s Day – Plumstead & Claremont
11 SeptemberGym Closes for Term 3 – All branches
12 – 25 September Make – Up Weeks
30 SeptemberTerm 4 Fees Due
3 OctoberGym Opens for Term 4 – All branches
4 DecemberGym Closes for Term 4 – All branches
5-12 DecemberMake – Up Week

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Flairs Gymnastics Sports Academy

Flairs Gymnastics was established in 2006 as an Aerobic Gymnastics high performance club by coach and owner Anne Vermaak. The club produced 16 South African representatives, most hailing from Mitchell’s Plain, Hanover Park and Ottery. In 2011 Flairs Gymnastics was expanded to include classes for all ages and abilities, with the focus of the club moving away from purely high performance. Sadicka Isaacs also joined in 2012, becoming co-owner in 2013, bringing her vision and Rope Skipping expertise to the club. The core value of the club is “fun, fitness and friendship” in the Flairs family. Flairs’ vision is “to see a generation of young people reaping the benefits of a disciplined and healthy lifestyle using gymnastics as a tool to improve strength, coordination, discipline, individual & team work, respect and self confidence”. Anne & Sadicka have strong community & school objectives for Flairs, wanting to contribute to the reintroduction of physical education to children and school from underprivileged backgrounds, as well as to provide employment opportunities to coaches from these areas through their Flairs program and values. Flairs also has classes for children with disabilities and believes that gymnastics is for everyone regardless of ability (taking the “dis” out of disabled).
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