Term 2: 6 April - 14 June
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We also offer Parkour (Ninja) classes at our Claremont branch.






Welcome to Flairs Gymnastics!

What can I expect when I join the Flairs Family?

The vision of Flairs is: “We want to see a generation of young people reaping the benefits of a disciplined and healthy lifestyle, using gymnastics as a tool to improve strength, coordination, discipline, individual & team work, respect and self-confidence.“

The motto of Flairs is: “fun, fitness and friendship in the Flairs family” with the value that “gymnastics is for everyone, regardless of ability (taking the “dis” out of disabled)”

Gymnastics teaches a child their fundamental movement which is essential in the holistic development of a child. It assists in school readiness and assists in the development of the child’s brain for the benefit of socio-organizational skills, sensory processing, postural control, and bilateral integration of body awareness.

We teach children of all capabilities from the age of 18 months – 15 years. We focus on putting the fun in FUNdamental movement and aim to help our kids grow physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. We have a mid-year display and an end of year internal testing where every child will receive a medal for their hard work throughout the year.

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Complete a free trial lesson form under the ENROL NOW tab. This will allow your child to attend a lesson to see if they enjoy it before you decide to enrol. You will not be charged for the trial lesson if you decide not to sign up. This lesson will be included in your term fee if you do decide to sign up. Please wait for confirmation from our administration before you attend your trial lesson.

After you have attended your trial lesson and you have decided to join the Flairs family you will be required to complete an enrolment form. This form will be processed by our administration and an invoice will be sent to you as soon as you have been loaded onto our database.

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We are so thrilled with our Parkour (ninja) classes at our Claremont venue on a Thursday & Saturday, they are so much fun and we have kids taking part from as young as 18 months.

Parkour is a fusion of obstacle training gymnastics, martial arts and freestyle movement – turning energy into ambition one awesome kid at a time. It is a wonderful class where the kids never stop moving.

To learn more about this exciting program join us for a free trial lesson!

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Anne Vermaak & Sadicka Isaacs

Below please find important dates for the 2024 year:

1 MayClosed for Workers Day
29 MayClosed for Election Day
8 June(Saturday classes) Parent Watching Day & Last Lesson for Term 2
10 – 14 June(Weekday classes) Parent Watching Week & Last Lesson for Term 2
24 – 27 JuneHoliday gym in Claremont & Kirstenhof
1 – 5 & 8 JulyHoliday gym in Claremont
13 July(Saturday classes) First Lesson for Term 3
15 – 19 July(Weekday classes) First Lesson for Term 3
25 JulyTerm 3 fees due
9 AugustClosed for Women’s Day
14 September(Saturday classes) Last Lesson for Term 3
16 – 20 September(Weekday classes) Last Lesson for Term 3

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